Where is the Kubernetes documentation regarding KUBE_SERVICE_ADDRESSES parameter of API server and Pod network configuration?


KUBE_SERVICE_ADDRESSES parameter value needs to go hand-in-hand with CIDR configuration of the Pod network, because KUBE_SERVICE_ADDRESSES is "Address range to use for services" and I suppose services communicate in the Pod network.

Trying to find out a Kubernetes document which explains it but looks no specific documentation. Please suggest if this is true and where is the documentation related.


# The address on the local server to listen to.

# The port on the local server to listen on.
# KUBE_API_PORT="--port=8080"

# Port minions listen on
# KUBELET_PORT="--kubelet-port=10250"

# Comma separated list of nodes in the etcd cluster

# Address range to use for services

# default admission control policies

Related sites

Using kubeadm to Create a Cluster (3/4) Installing a pod network says specific CIDR needs to be specified to kubeadm init as a option --pod-network-cidr.

Deploy a Multi-node Kubernetes Cluster on CentOS 7:

Create a flannel-config.json file that will define the Flannel settings. The subnet specified in the Flannel settings should match that of the API server KUBE_SERVICE_ADDRESSES value. This is the subnet that the containers will use.

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# Address range to use for services

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