What would be the best way to emulate (or really to instantiate) a large number of hosts / virtual machines / docker containers in the cloud?

Assume I want to run a scenario where 10,000 hosts are running the same application. Is there a cloud service which provides the ability to "clone" a single host to 10K instances? Is there a way to configure slight changes in those hosts (in terms of Geo location / IP / hostname / MAC address)?

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you create a Docker Swarm stack file:

version: '3.1'

    image: ubuntu # or your custom Docker image
        replicas: 10000

Then, with docker stack you can run your 10000 Ubuntu's on one or - probably better in this case - a set of Swarm hosts. This could be bare metal or AWS. Enjoy!

For MAC address is very interesting question which I hope other colleagues here can answer. Geolocation should be no problem as this is AFAIK a system setting - virtual OS does not implement a physical GPS sensor.

Docs give an example how to set a fixed MAC address on docker run - possibly this can be translated to the stack YML file as well.

docker run --mac-address=".." ...

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