There is an - as perceived - unsystematic behaviour of Docker client to setup an IPv6 connection to registry, even if this is disabled in daemon.json.

Client error:

dial tcp: lookup ******** on [::1]:53: read udp [::1]:PORT->
[::1]:53: read: connection refused

Registry-side error (actually same - will recheck for port numbers however): or response from daemon:

    Get https://******.**:8080/v2/: dial tcp: lookup ******.** 
on [::1]:53: read udp [::1]:PORT->[::1]:53: read: connection refused

Possible known workarounds:

  1. Restart your computer (nice that this seems an ever-lasting Windows wisdom)
  2. Set DNS to as stated here

What could be actually happening?

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    Show the host ip configuration or there's few chances we may help, see this question for exemple – Tensibai Nov 16 '17 at 9:52

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