According to this article a user account could be given to a robot for Continuous Integration purposes.


The IT department created a new email account, this was used to login to the git repository, a ssh key was created, the public key added to bitbucket and finally the jenkins user was able to create commits in bitbucket.


As the email account is only used by the robot and the robot itself is not reading emails it feels that the email account is misused.


The question is whether it is possible to create a robot account in bitbucket without creating a new email account.


If there is no separate email account how could bitbucket deviate between the robot account and an existing real user? A unique email account should be used right?


After doing some research and comparing various documents it seems that a bot account is basically a real user account and needs a separate email account in order to create such an account as using an email account to register a new account results in, e.g.: This email account is already in use.

Combined with quote retrieved from the link that is defined in the question:

User accounts are intended for humans, but you can give one to a robot, such as a continuous integration bot, if necessary.

It seems to be necessary to create a new email account if a bot account has to be created as:

  1. git repositories, like github, bitbucket and gitlab check whether an email account already exists if a new user is created
  2. to clarify that the user is a bot and not a human

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