I have a remote redis machine with no ssh and no open ports except to the same lan + a remote machine (on the same lan) with ssh + my pc outside the lan. What I'm trying to do (mostly to see if it's possible) is redis-cli on my pc -> ssh tunnel to the ssh machine -> something -> redis so it would work. Is netcat + mkfifo the right way? Thanks :)


Assuming the following:

  • YOUR_PC, has Redis client, SSH client, SSH access to SSH_SERVER
  • SSH_SERVER, has SSH server, redis access to REDIS_SERVER
  • REDIS_SERVER, has Redis server

Set up the tunnel from YOUR_PC, port 1234, to REDIS_SERVER:REDIS_PORT, via SSH_SERVER


On another terminal, on YOUR_PC, run the redis client (based on https://stackoverflow.com/a/40678950):

redis-cli -h localhost -p 1234
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We have redis connected through stunnel. That way you don't have to always establish the ssh connection, which can be a problem. Here is an article on how to setup redis through stunnel, which I won't copy into this answer. Feel free to edit.


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This works, I wonder if there is a better solution. SSH tunnel + nc proxy

ssh $ssh_server -L $port:localhost:$port "mkfifo /tmp/backpipe; nc -k -l localhost $port 0</tmp/backpipe | nc $redis_server $port | 1>/tmp/backpipe"

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