I'm trying to build an application infrastructure on Amazon AWS following a microservice pattern.

However the configuration API gateway and service discovery tool together completely puzzles me.

According to a pattern I need both (and I understand that). I decided to go with Amazon API gateway as API gateway and Hashicorp Consul as service discovery.

From what I see in the configuration guide on Amazon, API gateway configuration is pretty much straightforward: I specify path and URL to follow and that's it.

How in the world do I explain API gateway to get information from Consul?

PS. There is a Consul quickstart guide, but it is just a deployment instruction. There is nothing about connecting it to the API gateway.

  • Isn't it better to use Netflix API Gateway (deployed on Ec2 instance) that works perfect with Consul or Netflix Service Registry. That way we can get advantage of dynamic service lookup + client side load balancing (ribbon or similar). Commented Sep 11, 2018 at 4:58

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It turns out there is no existing solution for such a configuration.

I have to develop something on my own.

A nice source for help might be a series of articles on the Amazon developer blog and REST API documentation for the Amazon API gateway service.

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