Is there a way to know how much a specific spot instance is actually costing? My only idea is to give it a specific tag and wait to see it show up in the billing report. But what I really want is to to know in "real time" how much each spot instance is costing.


From Amazon EC2 Spot Instances Pricing:

The following table displays the Spot price for each region and instance type (updated every 5 minutes).

So one (crude) option would be to parse that page to get the price matching your particular instance type and region.

I don't know if the equivalent info is available via the AWS Price List API:

Offer files do not include information about expiring free tier offers or Amazon EC2 Spot Instances.

  • the spot instace pricing isn't explicitly declared as unsupported in the Query API, so there might be a chance for another option here, that'd be better than parsing pages. But I didn't try - I'm not an AWS user yet.

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