The Azure Automation DSC seems to know to integrate with GitHub, but it seems to expect only runbooks there. At least, this is what I understand from the following UI screen: enter image description here

I have just started to learn DSC and have no runbooks. So far I only used DSC configurations, no runbooks.

So, is it only possible for runbooks? Does it mean that nobody works with just DSC configurations?

P.S. Knowing that DSC stands for Desired State Configuration I find the term DSC configurations a bit funny.

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The article "Continuous Deployment to Azure Automation DSC", or series of articles, walks through setting up a CI/CD pipeline for DSC using VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services). Building a VSTS account in Azure is free and it provides some number of build minutes for free as well.

Basically, rather than setting up a runbook, you can configure a CI/CD pipeline using build services in VSTS to perform whatever orchestration activities you require for DSC and VSTS enables you to save your code in their source control management system.

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