I'm completely new to Docker and Django and I'm having trouble getting my Docker app to serve inside Django. Currently, I'm running my docker container with this command:

docker run -it --name web -p 8000:8000 --link mysql:db -v ~/directory:/app django

where mysql and django refer to containers defined earlier.

Next, I'm using manage.py to make migrations and migrate, then serving with the following command:

mod_wsgi-express start-server --reload-on-changes --working-directory /app/voting_project /app/voting_project/voting_project/wsgi.py &

When I visit localhost:8000 in my browser, it successfully renders the HTML template, but the CSS and images which I see locally are missing.

The following errors are logged in the console: enter image description here

I've played with the structure of my directories a bit, but I can't seem to get the browser to find anything in localhost:8000/static or localhost:8000/images.

I'm assuming 8000 is mapping to somewhere weird in my local directories, but I realize this could also be caused by a number of other things. Please let me know if I'm making any obvious mistakes.

Thanks so much!

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This is most likely a problem with the django configuration better fitting to stackoverflow, and not so much a devops problem.

Check the settings.py for the following entries:


At the end of this file

STATIC_URL = '/static/'
     os.path.join(BASE_DIR, 'static'),

source Django manual: How to static-files

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