I'm deploying an instance with kubernetes on Azure public cloud, and I need a tool to monitor the microservices and pods inside this instance, the question is, what tool are you using to do that?
I've been searching in a couple of places but without success.




Looks interesting. I have not tried it myself, but based on the more than 300 github stars this looks interesting to me. The readme contains screen shots how to configure it in Azure.

  • Aren't those github stars for the azure-docs repo overall and not this specific tool?
    – chicks
    Mar 27 '18 at 20:34

There is a basic dashboard which give some informations on your cluster. You can monitor basics metrics and this is the entry-level for Kubernetes monitoring.


If you want something more complete, you could use the stack: Prometheus with CAdvisor/node-exporter and Grafana

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