I am trying to install a Graylog stack in an Azure Linux Ubuntu 16.04 VM.


To achieve this I have followed this tutorial from digitalOcean (until Step 4):

I have also double checked this with the official installation instructions:

I have double checked the pre-requisites, I have JDK 8, MondoDB and Elasticsearch all up and running. I also installed and configured the graylog-server correctly ( according to the tutorials ).


The problem here is that I can't access the graylog web page. I type in my browser: http://<PUBLIC_IP>:9000/api/ but my browser can't reach the page.

The same happens for http://<PUBLIC_IP>:9000/.

Things I tried

At first I thought that a firewall rule was blocking all connections. So I created an inbound rule and an outbound rule to allow all traffic, of all types to enter and to leave the server.

This didn't work.

Then I realized that in the tutorial for Linux VMs on Azure, they require Nginx. So I installed Nginx and was successfully able to reach http://<PUBLIC_IP>.

However, I still can't access anything from graylog.


what am I doing wrong? Have I missed any firewall rule?

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