Trying to run consul on my system.

Have followed link to download consul:

consul and consul-template setup

consul agent -server -bootstrap-expect 1 \
    -data-dir /tmp/consul -node=agent-one \
    -bind= \
    -client= \
    -config-dir /etc/consul.d \
    -ui-dir /opt/consul/

But getting an error:

WARNING: BootstrapExpect Mode is specified as 1; this is the same as Bootstrap mode.
==> WARNING: Bootstrap mode enabled! Do not enable unless necessary
==> Starting Consul agent...
==> Error starting agent: Failed to start Consul server: Failed to start lan serf: Failed to create memberlist: Failed to parse advertise address!

It looks like that the official Consul documentation is more up to date than the link that was posted in the question.

If one starts with the Getting Started guide, then one could start a consul agent in no time and the documentation also explains how to proceed.

user@localhost /tmp $ ./consul agent -dev
==> Starting Consul agent...
==> Consul agent running!
           Version: 'v1.0.6'
           Node ID: '777c5475-bc78-6e38-75a6-42038eef7cb8'
         Node name: 'localhost.localdomain'
        Datacenter: 'dc1' (Segment: '<all>')
            Server: true (Bootstrap: false)
       Client Addr: [] (HTTP: 8500, HTTPS: -1, DNS: 8600)
      Cluster Addr: (LAN: 8301, WAN: 8302)
           Encrypt: Gossip: false, TLS-Outgoing: false, TLS-Incoming: false

==> Log data will now stream in as it occurs:

    2018/04/09 21:33:04 [DEBUG] Using random ID "777c5475-bc78-6e38-75a6-42038eef7cb8" as node ID
  • thanks, it's working now, I have moved this to my /usr/bin folder and it's working fine, i don't know why the link I have added in question not working Apr 9 '18 at 19:47

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