I have a JMeter test I would like to run in JMeter that have some parameters. I installed the performance-plugin for Jenkins to enable JMeter testing as described here:


However, the instruction is not clear on how to enter command-line parameters which is essential for my test. Here is what I got so far:

enter image description here

Is it possible at all to enter parameters to run my test? Or does it have to be completely parameter free. IE, I need to hardcode all parameters into the test itself?


Yes, you can easily trigger your JMeter jmx suite via jenkins coupled with performance plugin. For triggering the build:

  • If you're using windows execute the build as windows batch command, giving the same commands that you would give if you were running your JMeter script from your command line.
  • To give parameters you can conveniently select the option in jenkins configuration 'This project is parameterised' and pass the parameters ensuring the same reference is used in your JMeter jmx file.
  • You can use the __P() function to make ramup, hostname or number of threads configurable and refer them using J command.

You can use this following command to run your performance test

jmeter -n -t GenericPerformanceScript.jmx > output.log &

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