I have a control host that has the following:

  • ansible --version = 2.5.2
  • tower-cli --version == 3.3.0

tower-cli is able to connect to a remote Ansible Tower instance (note, Ansible tower itself is not installed on this control host). Can run 'tower-cli user list' on control host and works as expected.

However, when I try to use a playbook with the tower_* modules, such as:

  - name: create the SCM project
      name: "test project"
      state: present

Always getting the following:

ansible-tower-cli required for this module

Any ideas, as I can use tower-cli just fine on this localhost that is running the playbook.

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Found the origin of the issue, and unless someone else had run into it they wouldn't have known where to look --

check details of tower-cli --version and ansible --version, as well as which tower-cli which ansible; in my case were installed in different python environments:



If you cannot see the python version using the above for tower-cli, you can run:

$ head -n1 `which tower-cli`

The ansible modules couldn't see the tower_cli python modules as they were in a different python environment.

After-the-fact problem origin: I had installed ansible via yum (package manager), and ansible-tower-cli via pip (python installer). Being consistent in how you install both to make sure they go to the same environment resolves the issue.

Centos/RHEL: yum install ansible ansible-tower-cli


Python: pip install ansible

Python: pip install ansible-tower-cli

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