Hopefully someone can help, I've found lots of information online but as I'm brand new to both jenkins and docker, I'm having a hard time sorting out which suggested solutions happen on the what machine, so I'm cargo culting without any success.

Setup I'm attempting: - physical box is OSX with docker for mac installed - I created a docker container that runs jenkins, it works, I can make a hello-world job run fine on the master node - I want to create dynamic docker build agents - I've tried configuring the Docker Cloud plugin to make build agents from the evarga/jenkins-slave image - I don't know what to put in Docker Host URI. I have tried tcp:// but when I "Test Connection" I get a Connection Refused error message. - I've also tried /var/run/docker.sock as the HOST URI and in that case I get a 403 "No valid crumb was included in the request"

Any help much appreciated!

  • Is port 2376 open on your container? – PrestonM Jul 2 '18 at 13:45
  • Good point. I was following a book, and maybe they've made a mistake. Both the jenkins docker container and the slave containers I'm trying to start are running on the docker VM managed by Docker for Mac. Do you know if I need to do anything special to let them connect to each other? I'll start digging. – Iain Duncan Jul 2 '18 at 16:12

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