This blog post describes wrapper profiles in detail:


At the very end of the post, it references a Git repo that contains an example of using a wrapper profile:


When I clone the repo, cd to the controls folder, and attempt to run these tests:

inspec exec controls_from_other_profiles.rb

I get the following error message:

Cannot load linux-baseline since it is not listed as a dependency of tests from controls_from_other_profiles.rb.

Dependencies available from this context are:

The dependencies are defined in inspec.yml.

How do I correctly run these tests?

  • Don't try to run the control file but run the profile itself, there's pretty good material to learn inspec on learn.chef.io
    – Tensibai
    Jul 3 '18 at 4:44

I stumbled across the answer. From within the profile directory, run this command:

inspec exec .

Don't forget to set the depends key in inspec.yml.

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