My senario is this:

I am using 2 EC2 instances which I want reachable via urls as follows:


I am aware of the fact that AWS Application Load Balancers currently support host based routing so I guess this is now feasible.

Currently I am using 2 Classic Load Balancers on AWS to support access to those instances;

Is there a reason for me to switch to the host-based routing scenario of ALBs?

Perhaps the motive for this question is silly, but lately Amazon in its console, has grayed out the Classic ELB and marked it as

Previous Generation

(I guess this wouldn't be a strong motive but it kind of discourages you a bit from using Classic ELBs henceforth...)

P.S. Haven't got the chance to test it, but I assume if I have issued an AWS wildcard certificate for *.domain.com, this would cover all target groups (i.e. hosts) under the ALB, right?

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1) you are using 2 classic ELBs instead of 1 ALB so costs savings can be a factor

2) using a layer7 loadbalancer vs a layer4 gives many features and capabilities not possible otherwise

you can see a comparrison here: https://aws.amazon.com/elasticloadbalancing/details/#compare

3) yes that wildcard would fit all your needs (sub1/sub2.domain.com)

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