When using Azure's WebApps to run C# MVC based applications on production environments, I'm always wondering about when to use the B-2 (Basic-2 with 2-cores and 3.5 GB) and when to use S-1 (Standard-1 with 1-core and 1.75GB).

It sure sounds like the B-2 would result in better performance, still all official recommendations for production use is to run it on S-1 or above. Maybe there's some CPU throttling on B-* plans? Or other 'bottle-neck' that I'm not aware?

Or should I be better off just using the B-2 for production (over a S-1)?

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The B-series has this name from burstable adjective.

It means that you do not have 100% of the cores for 100% of the time (see Introducing B-Series, our new burstable VM size). For example B-2 you have guaranteed only 40% out of a potential 200%.

The suggestion to pick a different serie for production workload, is to guarantee the CPU available.

  • Ok, got it. But since the S-1 app plan still uses B-Series for processing, I'm assuming that I can safely ignore their 'suggestion' to use S-* app plans instead of B-* for productions. Right? Jul 24, 2018 at 2:12
  • @marcelo-myara I thought the S* plans used A-series VMs behind the scenes?
    – Cocowalla
    Oct 5, 2019 at 15:28

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