I have a GitLab repository. I want to add a runner to it. I was able to install it, with the instruction here without Docker (step 3).

Now I have to register it according to the instructions here. In the beggining of that file it is wrriten that I have to obtain a token, but I don’t understand where do I obtain the token from.

In this link it is wrriten that I can get the token from CI/CD -> settings but CI/CD does not have a settings option.

Also, in the registration instruction in step 2, it is written: Please enter the gitlab-ci coordinator URL but there is no documentation anywhere about what is this URL


For a specific GitLab runner tied to a project, the token can be found in Step 3; in Project -> Settings -> CI/CD -> Runners in the Setup a specific Runner manually section.

You will also be able to find the URL which you need to use to register the runner in Step 2.

Runner configuration

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