I'm currently deploying a very basic NodeJS Lambda function to AWS using the Serverless framework. I need to access a chrome dependency which is located inside a /lib directory.

I access it with this path : /var/task/lib/chrome

When I upload it directly via the zip upload in AWS Lambda, it works and finds it. When I upload it via the cloudformation generated by Serverless, I get an error telling me the path is invalid.

When I unzip the .serverless generated folder, my /lib directory is sitting there and the chrome dependency is in it.

This is my basic structure :

enter image description here

And this is what my serverless.yml looks like :

service: cieblink-test

  name: aws
  runtime: nodejs8.10

  stage: lab
  region: ca-central-1

      - lib/**

    handler: handler.test

Isn't "/var/task/ the default directory? Is there something obvious that I am missing?

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