I have deployed my application on cloud using Openshift. I tried few blogs but could not find out the best ways to implement the Load Balancing . Please help.

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The simplest way is to find the icon that scales the application up and click it. In the current UI it's in Project --> Overview --> expand the application info (">" icon to the left), --> click "^" next to the blue circle to the right.

This gives you a default load-balancing across as many PODs (instances) of the application as your resources and imagination allow.

From the command line, this would scale it to 3 PODs:

oc scale --replicas=3 rc yourapplicationname

Another way is to deploy the same application with a different name, and then edit the route (Applications --> Routes --> RouteName) that points to it. There should be an option:

Alternate Services / Split traffic across multiple services

This gives you control over how much traffic you want through each version. Good for A/B testing or canary releases.

  • Thanks for answer, I have still seems that in my organistaion many team are using external load balancer and not using HA proxy and openshift provided load balancing . what would be the reason ? Aug 2, 2018 at 2:08
  • The purpose? Maybe they are load balancing across clusters? But I think you better ask directly the teams.
    – ptrk
    Aug 2, 2018 at 15:01

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