I haven't found what I want to do though it seems basic architecture.

On my host I have multiple physical interfaces and docker0 by default (that is connected to which interface?!)

  • One interface eth0 is for the host and default network of Docker containers.
  • My other interface enp0s20f0u1 should be used by only few selected containers in a isolated way. That means nothing else is allowed to connect to this interface.

I guess I need to create a Docker network but I have no way to tell it to use only one interface and nothing else.

Example: - container c1: run without anything => should be connected to docker0 and anything else - container c2: run with --net=none => no network access, completely isolated - container c3: run with --network=myspecificnetwork => connected to enp0s20f0u1 and nothing else, isolated

How to create the myspecificnetwork Docker network to use only the interface enp0s20f0u1? And how to block everything else from using this interface?

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