In a Python app we run tests and publish the results into Zephyr in JIRA using the Zephyr/ JIRA API. It works fine not on a corporate network, but now they have switched to use their corporate network, and each API request returns a 404 for GET & PUTs.

In the Python app, I tried to set their proxy for the Python executable environment, but they still get the same error, like so:

proxy = 'put proxy here'

os.environ['http_proxy'] = proxy
os.environ['https_proxy'] = proxy
os.environ['HTTP_PROXY'] = proxy
os.environ['HTTPS_PROXY'] = proxy

The user has said they have exported their http & https IP to get around the proxy, but still gets the same issue.

Does anybody have any idea?

  • Could you add the log? Without it, it will be hard to answer the question. Please edit the Q&A and let us know when it can be reviewed. In the mean time the question will be closed.
    – 030
    Dec 23, 2019 at 10:09


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