I am using Ansible and created a Playbook for deployment. I defined log_path in ansible.cfg and now tasks output are going to this log file. I want to send only few task's log into this log file. How can I achieve this ?

One option is to use no_log: True attribute but this is not displaying the logs on console.

So my requirement is to display all task's logs in console but I want to send only few task's log to my log file.

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It's in the wish list, I think. Quoting from the doc log_plays - write playbook output to log file

* This callback writes playbook output to a file per host in the /var/log/ansible/hosts directory
* TODO: make this configurable

IMHO required functionality is not available at the moment. Take a look at the available plugins. "You can only have one plugin".

ansible-doc -t callback -l

There is an option to customize a callback. context_demo looks promising.

  • I got this info but there is not much documentation in link. Right now logs are going in the file but I want to stop that log for certain tasks (not hosts) and problem that I can't use no_log: True because I want to print them on console. Commented Aug 3, 2018 at 7:05

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