The problem

The problem is that this happens:

$ docker network create  alpine4
Error response from daemon: could not find an available, non-overlapping IPv4 address pool among the defaults to assign to the network

Notwithstanding that I have no non-builtin docker networks created.

The logs suggest that these network ranges are being attempted:

DEBU[2018-08-08T17:21:00.877120275Z] ReleasePool(LocalDefault/   
DEBU[2018-08-08T17:21:00.877135316Z] ReleasePool(LocalDefault/   
DEBU[2018-08-08T17:21:00.877162150Z] ReleasePool(LocalDefault/   
DEBU[2018-08-08T17:21:00.877170059Z] ReleasePool(LocalDefault/   
DEBU[2018-08-08T17:21:00.877176154Z] ReleasePool(LocalDefault/   
DEBU[2018-08-08T17:21:00.877198642Z] ReleasePool(LocalDefault/   
DEBU[2018-08-08T17:21:00.877204723Z] ReleasePool(LocalDefault/   
DEBU[2018-08-08T17:21:00.877212452Z] ReleasePool(LocalDefault/   
DEBU[2018-08-08T17:21:00.877220350Z] ReleasePool(LocalDefault/   
DEBU[2018-08-08T17:21:00.877232829Z] ReleasePool(LocalDefault/    
DEBU[2018-08-08T17:21:00.877243072Z] ReleasePool(LocalDefault/    
DEBU[2018-08-08T17:21:00.877253643Z] ReleasePool(LocalDefault/    
DEBU[2018-08-08T17:21:00.877264171Z] ReleasePool(LocalDefault/    
DEBU[2018-08-08T17:21:00.877274553Z] ReleasePool(LocalDefault/    
DEBU[2018-08-08T17:21:00.877284675Z] ReleasePool(LocalDefault/    
DEBU[2018-08-08T17:21:00.877296023Z] ReleasePool(LocalDefault/     
DEBU[2018-08-08T17:21:00.877307062Z] ReleasePool(LocalDefault/      
DEBU[2018-08-08T17:21:00.877322208Z] ReleasePool(LocalDefault/      
DEBU[2018-08-08T17:21:00.877333550Z] ReleasePool(LocalDefault/      
DEBU[2018-08-08T17:21:00.877339489Z] ReleasePool(LocalDefault/      
DEBU[2018-08-08T17:21:00.877350224Z] ReleasePool(LocalDefault/      
DEBU[2018-08-08T17:21:00.877361031Z] ReleasePool(LocalDefault/      
DEBU[2018-08-08T17:21:00.877367371Z] ReleasePool(LocalDefault/      
DEBU[2018-08-08T17:21:00.877374978Z] ReleasePool(LocalDefault/      
DEBU[2018-08-08T17:21:00.877382471Z] ReleasePool(LocalDefault/      
DEBU[2018-08-08T17:21:00.877395020Z] ReleasePool(LocalDefault/      
DEBU[2018-08-08T17:21:00.877405540Z] ReleasePool(LocalDefault/      
DEBU[2018-08-08T17:21:00.877415851Z] ReleasePool(LocalDefault/      
DEBU[2018-08-08T17:21:00.877426869Z] ReleasePool(LocalDefault/      
DEBU[2018-08-08T17:21:00.877437210Z] ReleasePool(LocalDefault/    

Even stranger, if I pick any of those subnet ranges to use as an explicit subnet range, creation works just fine:

$ docker network create --subnet alpine3

The question

Given the above, why can't I just create a bridge network and have docker pick a subnet range for me?


$ dockerd --version
Docker version 18.03.1-ce, build 9ee9f40

Running on ubuntu 16.04 in aws. Installed using the official .deb, no special configs in place (indeed, no daemon.json at all)

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Do you need to run it beside a VPN "OpenVPN service" ?

I think using below would solve the issue for clearing any unused networks by at least 1 container.

$ docker network prune
  • As stated, I have no non-builtin docker networks created, so there is nothing to prune. There is no vpn service running.
    – Marcin
    Commented Aug 9, 2018 at 18:48
  • So you may try to see the created networks and remove any unneeded networks, you may post the result for the below command. # docker network ls
    – lORD
    Commented Aug 12, 2018 at 11:16
  • Right, there are only the three builtin networks.
    – Marcin
    Commented Aug 12, 2018 at 18:53
  • So could you try to run prune command and retest once again ?
    – lORD
    Commented Aug 13, 2018 at 13:14
  • Let me be clear: I have no non-built in networks to prune. You think the problem is that there a bunch of existing networks. There are not.
    – Marcin
    Commented Aug 13, 2018 at 15:53

You can explore the sources to investigate concrete case. Also I explained in this stackoverflow answer why it probably happened.

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