Some background: The project I'm working on is in SVN. Very very large. A lot of tests are running on Jenkins. I want to implement a new tests which should be executed only if files in certain directory have been changed.

The idea that I had was:

  • to trigger the job using a pollSCM every ten minutes
  • check the files in currentBuild.changeSets. If a file contains the directory, continue.
  • Only then I do a full checkout of the repository, compile, and run the tests.

But before I write the code, I was wondering when does currentBuild.changeSets? Will it have the required information when triggered by a pollSCM? I could not find this in the documentation

Yes, this could be done in a better way using git and hooks and other tools but that's what I have right now.

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It will be set after any checkout steps (or derivatives of checkout such as git or svn).

So for instance:

println(currentBuild.changeSets) // should print an empty set


println(currentBuild.changeSets) // should print out any changes in the current build
  • I get this as output: hudson.plugins.git.GitChangeSetList@517831da Commented May 15, 2023 at 16:06

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