I am working on a Web App. I am facing an issue with DevOps environment and looking for a solution for the same. My local machine is Win10 machine.

I have my code on a 3rdParty Hosting Server(e.g GoDaddy) using a Wordpress instance. Currently I use Ftp to pull the code locally for the first time athen FTP onto GitLab. Then pull the files I need to work on locally and upload back to Gitlab and Hosting server.

So basically Hosting Server <<-->> Local <<-->> GitLab. All this is a manual process although I get the advantage of DCVS using GitLab and that too on cloud. Also it is because at a later date, I will be able to use other features of GitLab.

Now since GitLab provides SSH - Can I SFTP the code base from my HostingServer to a New GitLab Repository? If YES, then it will be kind if you provide some tutorial/documentation links. And will the reverse i.e pushing back the code into the HostingServer be all possible, since we are on SFTP?

So I am talking of an environment which will be like this:

HostingServer(GoDaddy, etc) <<-->> CloudStack(GitLab,etc) <<-->> Local IDE(Atom,etc)

Kindly let me know.


  • I guess the best solution is store the source code in the CVS (like Gitlab, git, github) And you need create CI with webhooks. when you push changes. – Meiram Chuzhenbayev Sep 7 '18 at 21:18
  • @MeiramChuzhenbayev how to move the code from my hosting server to the DCVS? i.e other than manually. Secondly can webhooks be created between unrelated servers? And would I also be able to create a webhook for/from my desktop environment? Never used webhooks hence asking. – anand Sep 8 '18 at 13:19

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