I am using SoYouStart dedicated server (from OVH family). I bought another ip.

I added

auto eth0:0
iface eth0:0 inet static
        address xxx.xxx.20.182
        broadcast xxx.xxx.20.182

and it works, I mean... I can not reach this server with this ip.

But what I would like to do next, is to have a possibility to use this new IP for different services. So for example I want to expose some service on second IP on port 80, and at the same time have different service exposed on port 80 on first IP.

I noticed, that in SoYouStart panel I can add a virtual MAC address:

enter image description here where I can chose from 2 types of virtual MAC: ovh/vmware

do I need to install vmware and create virtual machine, to have desired separation... or can I have it without additional abstraction layers?

  • May I ask why you ask a community of benevolent peoples instead of opening a support case which you paid for while subscribing ? I'm pretty sure OVH support would be more indicated than us, and that's mostly server configuration not really related to devops anyway. – Tensibai Sep 13 '18 at 12:11

Is what you are trying to do with two IP addresses something that can be accomplished using virtualhosts with Apache2, Nginx or another web server? This would allow you to access multiple hosts (i.e., site1.com and site2.com) while still being hosted on the same server? Is that sufficient or do you absolutely need the separation?

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