I installed WinNMP with the typical install. and added two files that I am using to check the installation(among others)

c:\winnmp\conf\nginx.conf file contains:
    root "C:/Proj/MyRG/public_html/application"
C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\host file contains both these lines after the install: localhost ProjWinNMPTest.test #WinNMP ProjWinNMPTest.test #WinNMP public_html.test

Regardless of how I set WinNMP Manager-->Options(button)-->Projects Dir when I read the test files from a browser 
    correctly reads the simple htlm file. 
    returns "directory access is forbidden
    returns "404 file not found"

1) How can I set the root file for to point to C:/Proj/MyRG/public_html/application instead of C:/Proj/MyRG/public_html ?

2) How can I get permission to access the directory ?

  • application/public_html is what you defined as root of the server, remove the public_html/application from your uris and it will work. I.e: – Tensibai Sep 24 '18 at 7:45

I found the problem it is unrelated. The index.html file itself was the 'directory access is forbidden

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