I'm not even sure if the title is the proper term to describe such application. Below are the characteristics of the application I'm looking for.

  1. Entirely web based user interface (Everything including coding, web server log monitoring, code execution log monitoring etc.)

  2. Ability to insert script to be executed as one of the workflow (Script written in programming language such as Python, JavaScript etc.)

  3. Automatically generate gateway / routing to a specific workflow in order to have it executed

  4. Ability to manually run specific workflow within the application

In short, it's some kind of workflow engine that is programmable and the application for this is most probably development of APIs.

I have found a lot of API management service but they only forward the request to another server which is missing the characteristic #2 above.

I'd like to know what are the possible term to describe such an application so I can continue my research. Provided if this kind of application even exist.

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    Sounds like you could use node-red for his – Bruce Becker Nov 3 '18 at 19:24

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