I have been trying to setup my ASP.Net Core project with docker support, but it seems like I am failing to share my C:\ drive?

enter image description here

Following that link I have encountered these documentations stating that I should..

allow connections to on port 445 (the Windows host) from (the virtual machine)

.. which I did, but I nevertheless ended up getting the same error message. So I have tried to follow some further instructions and tried to reinstall the File and Print sharing service on the Hyper-V virtual network card. Wich has lead me to another (Windows related) error;

enter image description here

Apparently, the latest Windows 10 release does not support/allow uninstalling File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks but instead throws the 0x80071779 error.

Thus there does not seem to be any "solution" to now share a drive on docker without any "hacky" solutions, no? Have I maybe missed something?


Interestingly I have solved that error by pressing on "Reset credentials" in Docker -> Settings -> Shared Drives and typing in the exact same account information I had before (admin account).

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