I'm setting a lab on my computer, in centos 7 vagrant machine i installed openshift 3.9 with oc cluster up --public-hostname= now i'm able to login to the webconsole but the problem is when i restart my cluster i lose all my configurations (projects, deployments...).

oc get po --all-namespaces shows that persistance volume pod not ready:

NAMESPACE               NAME                            READY     STATUS      RESTARTS   AGE
default                 docker-registry-1-czkn9         1/1       Running     0          17m
default                 persistent-volume-setup-lw8j8   0/1       Completed   0          17m
default                 router-1-qb48n                  1/1       Running     0          17m
openshift-web-console   webconsole-7dfbffd44d-qkwks     1/1       Running     0          17m

But i found no errors in the pods logs. How can i resolve this issue ?

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