I'm setting up a pipeline for CI, and I have read about pros and cons of having php and Nginx in separate containers. Personally I like how tidy and maintainable it is when its separated, combined with the security benefit of well maintained images.

However, I need to utilize Composer and run a few php-based cron-jobs.

Currently I've got a docker-compose with php7.2-fpm, nginx 1.14.0, MySQL 5.7 and Redis 4.0 on an Ubuntu 18.04 host.

Is there any way to use the php container over port 9000 to execute php cli files from the Nginx container, or should I just install php on my Nginx container?

  • Why do you need to trigger the composer tasks from the nginx container? – Xiong Chiamiov Nov 21 '18 at 23:38

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