I see here some official docs for how to push a Docker container's logs to logentries.

However, it is unclear whether this pushes application logs, or system logs internal to Docker. And if it does push application logs, I don't know what is the path of the log file I should write to.

What I want to do is push the logs of my Docker-bundled application to logentries.

Another option I'm considering is using the le client to watch a specific log file, and push that to logentries. However I'm not sure how to add that dependency to the Dockerfile either.

A final option is to use this Go library for pushing to logentries: https://github.com/depop/logentries (since my application is written in Go). However this requires that I use a specific logger API in my application which I would prefer not to do. It'd be better if I could log to file and have that file be automatically pushed to logentries.

I regret that this question is somewhat broad and doesn't include any code / attempt. I would appreciate any advice or general rundown of the steps though. Thanks.

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