Hello I am running ansible 2.6.2 and awx on rhel 7.5. AWX is connecting to my ssh proxy as root instead of the defined Credential user.

My playbook contains the following

become: yes
become_method: sudo
remote_user: remoteuser
ansible_user: remoteuser

ssh.config in my playbook contain the following

match host !proxyA,!proxyB,* exec "ssh proxyA nc -w1 %h %p &>/dev/null
  ProxyJump proxyA
match host !proxyA,!proxyB,* exec "ssh proxyB nc -w1 %h %p &>/dev/null
  ProxyJump proxyB

My AWX credential user which uses an ssh key and associated with the AWX JOB Template is this (which should be used for ssh connections): remoteuser

I have no defined entries in /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg or any ansible.cfg defined in the current working directory (of the playbook) or in $HOME.

Here is the proxyA/B syslog entries showing the user that AWX is connecting as:

sshd: Failed publickey fro root from

And here is the AWX ansible output showing the connection as 'root' instead of the 'remoteuser'

root@proxyA's password: root@proxyA's password: root@proxyA's password:

I can run the playbook through ansible (outside of AWX) without errors.

So, how do I tell AWX to use the right user name?

  • You are specifying (or rather not) the user for the proxy in the proxy command. 'ssh user@proxyA -W %h:%p' ansible specifies the remote user in the connection to the host it jumps to through this proxy. You could try %r as user. – Jiri Klouda Oct 20 '18 at 4:53
  • tried that and still connected as root. Not sure why, I'll keep looking. Thanks. – olveram Oct 21 '18 at 3:29

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