I have been looking for a way to update AMI id in Jenkins EC2 plugin configuration after a packer build is run. After some digging, I found a promising way to do it IF the packer run is done by Jenkins itself, via postbuild groovy plugin (mind you, this remains to be tested, but looks good)

However I would like to be able to run the packer build anywhere, and have the resulting AMI id updated at Jenkins remotely, presumably via authenticated REST? Is that possible? Where would I start looking?

  • Not using it but I'd tackle the problem with a periodic job on Jenkins itself getting the ami id from aws ec2 describe-images
    – Tensibai
    Mar 14, 2017 at 22:30

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The PR you are linking to contains a link to a python script that does exactly this, since you can run that script from anywhere you can access your Jenkins server.


Updated the python script from the PR above with:

  • CSRF support to work better with Jenkins 2.x
  • full support for private Jenkins jobs

Also I wrote up some usage instructions.


For me, the best place to start is to have at the end of your packer.json a call to the manifest post-processor.

This will contain the full details of the AMI that you have created in JSON format.

eg "artifact_id": "us-west-1:ami-XXXXXXXX",

This can then be read and acted on by any tooling of your choice.

Source: https://www.packer.io/docs/post-processors/manifest.html

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