I've used Terraforming to create a copy of my existing AWS infrastructure in Terraform but it doesn't support lifecycle rules at the moment.

I have the following diff:

lifecycle_rule.#: "1" => "0" lifecycle_rule.0.abort_incomplete_multipart_upload_days: "7" => "0" lifecycle_rule.0.enabled: "true" => "false" lifecycle_rule.0.expiration.#: "1" => "0" lifecycle_rule.0.expiration.1709177023.date: "" => "" lifecycle_rule.0.expiration.1709177023.days: "30" => "0" lifecycle_rule.0.expiration.1709177023.expired_object_delete_marker: "false" => "false" lifecycle_rule.0.noncurrent_version_expiration.#: "1" => "0" lifecycle_rule.0.noncurrent_version_expiration.3260762424.days: "1" => "0"

I'm not entirely sure how to convert this into Terrraform code, I'm happy to have this configuration overwrote and replaced with a new version generated by Terraform. What syntax should I use?

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