I am using traefik as an ingress-controller and want to serve other ingresses via auto-generated Let's Encrypt certificates and enforce SSL.

I set up traefik with it s official helm chart like this:

helm install stable/traefik --name traefik --set dashboard.enabled=true,dashboard.domain=traefik.mycompany.com,rbac.enabled=true,externalIP=123.456.789.123,ssl.enabled=true,ssl.enforced=true,ssl.permanentRedirect=true,acme.enabled=true,acme.staging=false,acme.challengeType=http-01

How do I annotate the ingresses for the apps I need to expose to use an auto-generated letsencrypt certificate?

With this setup traefik.mycompany.com is delivered via SSL with a wild-card certificate of the default host *.example.com:

enter image description here

I digged through the whole traefik documentation but could only find out how I need to setup the ingresses.

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    did you try something ? which documentation did your read ? It's important to give those informations so someone answering knows what you tried so far and adapt the answer accordingly – Tensibai Oct 31 '18 at 12:55
  • I added some information on what the result is right now. – Hedge Oct 31 '18 at 13:40

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