I am currently working on a LaTeX template. I chose gitlab to host the template.

Now I want to give some colleagues access to my template, but only to the master branch. I use the other branches to write my personal documents based on the template.

Is it possible to set the master branch to public while the other branches remain private?

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I'm not an expert in GitLab but I would assume it to be similar to other solutions like it (bitbucket, github).

A simple way to achieve this would be to clone the repo in another private repo instead of doing a separate branch. In effect this would work similar to having your local repo and the gitlab repo. Merging a branch and merging with another repo is not much different with git


Git does not have branch specific permissions.

For branch specific permissions, you need a server-side authorization layer like Gitolite — obviously, this requires you to be managing your own Git server.


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