After update of chrome, I have an issue with E2E automation tests. When I run test, it open chrome website with error: CONNECTION REFUSED after refresh of website test passed. Did you had similar issue? Why I can’ connect to selenium for first time but after refresh it working?


This is a good question for stackoverflow as well.

selenium tests often break because chrome is updated automatically and the chromedriver does not, or vice-versa.

Just make sure the chromedriver you're using fits the chrome version that you have.


Note version 2.43 and chrome 70 are not exactly compatible even though it says they are. If you have chrome 70, I suggest chromedriver 2.42.

I use docker which I manually maintain to avoid automated chrome updates, and I use protractor which has webdriver tool where I can tell it to freeze the chromedriver version. So nothing gets updated unless I say so, and it's been working well for a year and a half now.

  • To summarize your good advice: "Use fixed dependencies, even when it's the browser, and update them in a controlled manner" :) – Tensibai Nov 7 '18 at 20:09

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