I am in the process of an upgrade and have ran into an issue with it, I have gotten the correct binary on the server, I left the cluster and then I applied the chef cookbook which started the consul server.

I am using chef as my config management tool of choice (well forced into) and our upgrade process to 1.3.0 is to leave the consul cluster, backup our consul folders, then run chef-client with the new cookbook, then verify that consul is working.

I am getting stuck on that first chef-client with the new cookbook. I am getting a 403 error. I am passing in the ACL token as X-Consul-Token so according to the docs I found it should be fine.

Anyone have any ideas on what is wrong? I found a github issue related to this and it was from version 0.8.0 which has the same ACL format as 1.3.0 does, which should be fine. I am not too sure if there is a temp change that needs to be done for the upgrade or not. Ideally I would be able to put what is needed in the chef cookbook and run it then not change it again since I will need to repeat this for about 40 nodes total.

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