Assessing DevOps methods in ERP context is a question of the sort "how can I gain more productivity and quality using DevOps approaches in context X". This is not the scope of this question but is what you mostly find if you google the keywords DevOps and ERP.

Apart from that: where do you start considering CI/CD processes as data source for your ERP system?

Wikipedia: "ERP .. is the integrated management of core business processes, often in real-time".

So, as far an enterprises's core business processes anyhow relate to software engineering and delivery of software (and in the smart things/IoT world there will be some), your management might be quite lucky to see DevOps as seen from ERP perspective, right?

To be more specific: are there already any ERP solutions integrating data from DevOps toolchains (after all, many DevOps tools already implement their quality management layers targeted for enterprise contexts)?

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