I usually establish IaaS LAMP environments with non rolling-release Linux OSs such as Ubuntu/CentOS but I consider using rolling-release ones like ArchLinux instead.

it might be more efficient to me (both performancelly and financially) than running a Vagrant on either say a minimally-utilized Debian stable (that is, a Debian stable with nothing installed on it besides a small bash script to automatically release_upgrade it each time a new release upgrade comes out, and Vagrant), with a continuously-upgraded Vagrant-Ubuntu on top as my LAMP).

I assume so because than I'll have just one OS and not 2 and will also not use Vagrant) so I would save a significant amount of resources per popular budgets (5$-30$ / USD).

I could instead use some PaaS plan of course, but I fear a bit because their pricing is usually dynamic and as for now I don't feel comfortable enough to use them from the fear of making architectural and financial mistakes.

Assuming one can combine ArchLinux with Ansible; is ArchLinux + Ansible for an all-default LAMP generally stable?

  • not really sure this is a devops question it’s a question comparing Linux distros? if your looking for small why not alpine? may get more input from server fault or another sister site? – simbo1905 11 hours ago
  • Hi Simbo1905. I think it's a great DevOps question as it presents the search for an alternative approach in the most fundamental and painful issue of DevOps I personally recognize --- automating everything in the OS (all upgrades; minor, major and release; all alike). – JohnDoea 10 hours ago

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