Is there a 5$-30$ IaaS that supports some rolling-release distro?

I consider a rolling-rlease OS (like ArchLinux) upon non rolling ones or at least upon a rolling-combo such as a rolling Win10 + Vagrant + rolling-Ubuntu) to save resources (both hardware and money).

ArchLinux seems to me to be the most communal and documented one out there but I might be wrong in that assumption.

I once asked DigitalOcean if they offer any IaaS VPSs ("droplets") with ArchLInux but a staff member told me they had that option and removed it for technical conflicts with their system and services.

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Linode is one of these (see linode.com). Linode offers 5$ ArchLinux and yesterday I talked with their staff and two staff members confirmed to me that they can't find any plans to stop supporting it in the future, so that's good.

According to ArchLinux wiki here, Arch Linux is a full rolling release OS which is basically "true rolling release OS":

Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) is based on Debian Stable and only receives updates in Mint packages and security updates. Arch is instead a full rolling-release distribution.

I understand that to be the highest one can go in rolling upgrades and of release as well.