I understand continuous integration as "orchestrating and continuously installing and/or upgrading an environment, or part of an environment, based on communally-maintained code".

- my own definition.

But what is the difference between continuous deployment to continuous delivery, if at all there is one and both are not just parallels.

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  • Continous integration isn't about upgrading environments. It’s about integrating the changes a team make little and often. that’s usually merging changes together and running validation (eg compiles) and unit tests (eg runs possibly with synthetic tests and without deployment)
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Long story short:

Continuous delivery is the capability to deploy the software to any given environment at a given point of time. The objective is to perform push-button deployments of any version of the software to any environment on demand.

Continuous Delivery is often conflicted with Continuous Deployment. Any change the developer makes gets deployed all the way up to Production is Continuous Deployment

The referenced article will give some info: DevOps in nutshell

  • I assume "Continuous delivery" as an extreme form of "Continuous deployment" and that the difference is "standby and test" versus "directly to production" and that either can be "Continuous integration".
    – user5176
    Dec 13, 2018 at 15:43
  • In DevOps i think everything is continuous. Continuous delivery is a process of deploying an application in any environment in an automated fashion and providing continuous feedback to improve its quality. Continuous deployment, on the other hand, is all about deploying an application with the latest changes to the production environment.
    – Sunil
    Dec 14, 2018 at 7:55