We are product based company and have around 15 applications that include web applications, web services, web apis. These applications are deployed in various servers. Some are deployed on client servers managed by client, where as other are deployed on servers managed by us. All the applications are windows based apps. Configuration files like web.config and app.config will vary from one client to other. We have around 100+ clients. We are in the process of Azure DevOps implementation and facing challenge in the deploying client specific configuration during release. Any help on this would be highly appreciated.

Current strategy is to maintain the source code in the TFS and client specific folders. During every release compare the configuration file with the updated file and do a manual deploy. Other way is to have client specific config files in the solution and have web config transform the client specific settings.

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  • I am not clear on what the question is. What problems do you have? – simbo1905 Jan 31 at 18:03

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