Where do DevOp Engineers find their next opportunity? Users Groups, Associations, Job Boards?

What do DevOps look for in their next role?

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Understand that the term DevOps refers to both a Strategies and Tactics.
For instance, the strategies of Continuous deployment and Consistent development/production environment.
The tactics may be using Kubernetics for deployment to the cluster with Docker for development/production environment.
With that said, a DevOps shop will likely use Kubernetics and Docker as their tactical tools and would look for people with those skillsets.

ALSO, they would look for people who are a CULTURAL fit who would work well in a collaborative environment. If your background is let's say operational and your not open to learning programming skills(or learn what the programmers need), don't take ownership of a project or work well in a team...you will NOT be a fit for the company (you won't get hired).

As far as the best place to find a DevOps related job?

I would look at going to a DevOps Meetup, go to trainings/seminars where DevOps tactics and tools are taught (i.e. Docker, Vagrant, Ansible, Kubernetics, etc.), look for certain keywords in the posts such as SRE (Site Reliability Engineer), Systems Automation, etc... and do some research on companies that are moving to or have embraced DevOps Strategy.

If you understand these things, I believe it will give you a great advantage at landing a job in one of those companies.


It can happen that your next DevOps job finds you if you have a well elaborated LinkedIn profile and patient enough to deal with and filter/process requests.

Though, my market observations are that many offerings are like:

  • DevOps Engineers seen as "full stack developer 2.0", that is as an addon to specific developer skill set you can also setup automation pipelines and deploy to production.

  • DevOps Engineers seen as "admin 2.0" to build up automated operational infrastructures

  • DevOps Engineers seen as "teams glue" i.e. a company resource pool used to fire up slow/less successfull teams, here at least there is an understanding of how important beyond tech also culture/human communication is, too.

  • Sometimes you get also a weird skill set list where nobody really knows where it comes from and what exactly the role is expected to deliver. Buzz wording detected.

Please consider also this post: Why shouldn't I try to hire a 'DevOps Engineer'?


Companies either have straight-away openings for DevOps Engineers, either under this specific title or (since the title is a bit misplaced if you really think about what it means in the opinion of some people); or you can look for positions that have some other title but mention DevOps and similar things (for example, "automation", "tooling", "CI/CD" etc.) in the description.

Or in other words - they find jobs the same way everybody else does. It's not that magical of a job description...

What they look for, in my experience from plenty of interviews, is simply working with all the tooling/automation we have these days, and most times with a focus on doing as little straightaway programming as possible (i.e., programming in the non-DevOps way; domain-based programming). This separates them mainly from developers who also can do the "DevOps" stuff.

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