FYI - New to DevOps. Please bear with me. Thanks

I have a webhook created by Admin on Github Repo to trigger Jenkins build. I created a token from my Github(I am not admin on the repo) and used it in Github Connection in Jenkins Configure.

Now if I commit when the token credentials are selected in Github in Jenkins Config, the Jenkins build is not triggered automatically. When I click on Build now the job is triggered and job status is pushed to Github.

If I don't select any credentials in Github in Jenkins Config, the jenkins build is triggered on commit but the build status is not reflecting in Github.

There is a manage hooks options also in Github in Jenkins Configure but that probably would require a token from Admin on repo?

Can you guys guide me on what should I do now to 1. Trigger the Jenkins Build on commit. 2. Push the build status to Github.


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    The "manage hooks" option is almost certainly the easiest. That said, it seems strange to me that you are trying to set up webhooks on a repo that you are not an admin for. That's kind of like trying to do repairs or upgrades on a car that is not yours. – jayhendren Dec 20 '18 at 18:12

Triggering Jenkins using GitHub webhook should be a straight forward process. This article would help you.


Found the issue. Certificates were needed to be installed which was blocking connection to Github Enterprise. Once I installed those, the setup is working fine now.

Thanks Everyone. :)

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