I have a java application protected by keycloak (that's an standalone application for session control which runs on port 9080).

Keycloak is available to world because during auth process, my app redirects to keycloak auth page, user enters his creds and then gets redirected to my app (with authenticated session).

Right now, I'm running k8s. I use LoadBalancer service for traffic routing. The question is: how to setup keycloak service (let's say to run on http://external-ip.com:9080) and make it work with my java application?

As for now, my app redirects just to "http://keycloak" (service name I set in Service definition) but not to http://my-app.com:9080/

  • Thank you for posting a question. Could you modify the question so that it contains the attempts you have done in order to solve the issue? – 030 Dec 24 '19 at 15:01