I have a config.jinja file with below jvm options:

`-Dappdynamics.agent.appName=AP_{{ pillar['region'] }}`

However the AP_{{ pillar['region'] }} varies for different environments. For Dev/Prod it can be AP_{{ pillar['region'] }} and for QA it must be AP without the pillar value. How can I define the appName option with multiple values to achieve above? Any suggestions?

if (pillar['region'] == QA)
   -Dappdynamics.agent.applicationName=ALIP_{{ pillar['region'] }}

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Perhaps a macro might be what you are looking for.

Understanding Jinja:Macros

In the lib.sls example in the link (pasted below), it sets a value contingent on the value of the if statement. I think a similar approach could work for you.

{% macro pythonpkg(pkg) -%}
  {%- if grains['os'] == 'FreeBSD' -%}
    py27-{{ pkg }}
  {%- elif grains['os'] == 'Debian' -%}
    python-{{ pkg }}
  {%- endif -%}
{%- endmacro %}

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